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I like beginnings because they’re so full of promise. The first page of a book, the first day of a job, the first time you buy yourself flowers, the first date with a new man, the first touch, the first kiss, the first kick of a good liquor, the first moment you hold your own baby. I like beginnings because I know there’s always more to come.

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Sex life as of late…4
My happiness. ……..6
Loneliness. ……8

Fed up…..1,0000

I just want a bomb ass sex life.!! I mean that sex life you dream about all day every day. Giving each other random head… sex games etc.


Drew Barrymore flashes David Letterman on The Late Show - 1995 [x]

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Hello! Sorry for such a long gap in between postings!

As you can see I went green today! Here’s some info:

  • NYX Macaron Lippies in Pistachio (MALS06). It is described as a mint green.
  • Retails for $6.00! Super cheap!
  • Extremely creamy and mostly matte (sometimes a little TOO creamy… this lippy is easy to smear all over your lips and beyond)!
  • This lippy has no smell.

The one thing I will say is that when you wear this PLEASE wear a liner. I’m using Milani clean liner and some MUFE transparent powder to make sure this stays for as long as possible! You can find this online of course at or at Ulta. Also I hope having a picture in both low light and actual indoors light is helpful!

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To start off the blog I decided to post a picture of me wearing one of my favorite lipsticks. Here’s some info:

  • It’s by OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) in Rx. Its defined as a true cyan blue.
  • Described as matte but as you can see, it does have some shine to it.
  • It is very creamy and mosturizing (I have ezcema and I wear this brand when I’m having a flair up and I do just fine).
  • It retails for about 20 bucks and it comes with a mini size lip brush for application.

This is the very first blue lipstick I’ve ever owned and I know for a fact this is what got me hooked on experimenting and loving all the shades that I know love me back… even if I can’t find proof easily through the media.

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Teyonah Parris

Gorgeous woman, gorgeous fro

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