Oh what it is to be white and being able to wear any kinda shoes without being flamed

fleauxmoore lmao how funny is that.

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I love this movie beloved.

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I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.

— used to remind a child who is owed respect in the parent child dynamic. African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition. (via blackproverbs)

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  • ...........I have to change my way of thinking for myself. When my significant other may not be happy with me. You cannot prevent everything Arrin

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  • Jesus: Love thy neighbor as thyself.
  • People: What if they’re gay?
  • Jesus: Did I fucking stutter?

Yes, bitch

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I already saw that on Tumblr.

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Omg I want

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Chantel Brown, 20, OKC
Photographer- Lacey Sannicolas

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