I’m sleep though,

— 1. To give an incredibly valid point or opinion without wanting to further participate in the conversation 2. A way of contributing one’s “two cents.” Your tracks are showing, but I’m sleep though.” (via blackproverbs)

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Happy Easter yalllll

Guess who’s hair is green


Oh what it is to be white and being able to wear any kinda shoes without being flamed

fleauxmoore lmao how funny is that.

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I love this movie beloved.

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I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.

— used to remind a child who is owed respect in the parent child dynamic. African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition. (via blackproverbs)

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  • ...........I have to change my way of thinking for myself. When my significant other may not be happy with me. You cannot prevent everything Arrin

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  • Jesus: Love thy neighbor as thyself.
  • People: What if they’re gay?
  • Jesus: Did I fucking stutter?

Yes, bitch

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